YLMP Your Life Matters Project

Prodigal Daughters Journey Home​ was blessed to have met with Michael Dunn from YLMP and are excited to see how God is setting up Divine appointments in the community to make a change. Share this with your friends, family, organizations and get connected! Let us all unite for God's glory and His community and His kingdom. Lord, we ask that You bless YLMP, the cards, and the hands of the souls they will be placed into (and the hands who are giving it to them) that you give them both Your strength. I ask that you breath Your love, Your life, and Your resurrection power into them that they have hope to come to You and get the help they need. This is Your battle Lord, and we thank You for the VICTORY!!!



Your Life Matters Project

YLMP – The Your Life Matters Project is dedicated to walking with individuals step by step as they wrestle through all areas of substance abuse & mental health. Our focus is on per-exposure, addiction recovery & post-recovery.

Your Life Matters Cards

When someone calls 911 in Manatee County Florida in regard to an overdose, they send afire truck, an ambulance and at least 2 police cars.These responders are dedicated to saving that persons life!

After they are revived, they are handed a Your Life Matters Card. The card is simple in design but it puts the power back into the addicts hands to get the resources they need for help! Not only does it make it easy for an addict to take the next step, it inspires them to!

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The YLMP team focuses on education & prevention before an individual becomes exposed to substance misuse or mental illness. This is accomplished by going into middle schools, high schools, colleges, community groups and churches to lead drug & mental illness education presentations. These presentations are evidence-based & reflect best practices to facilitate attitude and/or behavioral change in an individual, community or group.


The purpose of this area is to walk informally with someone as they navigate through the addiction recovery or mental health process. Research shows that healthy relationships are a critical factor in recovery. Therefore the YLMP team will be on the front lines with anyone struggling through these areas. We are here to encourage, uplift, support and pray you through to the other side.


We are about change! Here at the YLMP we understand that you can't arrest, force or make someone change but we believe that you can inspire them too. It's beacuse of this We are dedicated to reaching people on a personal level and walking them through whatever area they find themselves in. Whether it's before, during or after addiction or mental health misuse, you can push forward knowing there is someone there with you.

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