SHE Women's Conference 2/7-2/4

DESCRIPTION SHE Tour is a life changing experience. It's a place to be built up, strengthened, and set free. Women from all walks of life are leaving SHE Tour excited and ready to take on the world. You will hear from amazing speakers, build friendships with other women, and experience God in a powerful way. This is not something you want to miss and something you will want to bring your friends to. We will see you on February 2nd! NOTE: Lead Pastor's/Lead Pastor's Wives will be given complimentary VIP tickets when bringing any of your ladies. Please contact our office to make arrangements, at 941-592-4700. (We expect VIP to sell out quickly, so get your tickets early.) Please click on 'Ticket' link to purchase your registration. Schedule: Thursday: Evening Session - 6:30pm-9:00pm (Please arrive at 6:00pm for registration) VIP Qustion & Answer Reception - 9:00pm-10:15pm Friday: Morning Session - 9:30am-1:00pm Evening Session - :6:30pm-10:00pm (after party included) Saturday: Morning Session - 10:00am-2:00pm Sunday: FREE Miracle Service - 9am & 11am (ALL are welcome to attend, even if not registered) Make sure you save the date and do what you need to do to make it to this amazing event! All women 13yrs and older are welcome. Plan now to attend and invite your friends and church groups. (Single Session tickets will be available for $50 at the door depending upon availability.) NOTE: Pastors and Pastor's Wives that bring some of their ladies, will receive FREE VIP seating! Just call our office at 941-281-9625 to register yourself. Speakers: Joanne Hoehne - Founder/Host Joanne is the founder and host of the SHE tour as well as the Co-Pastor at The Source Church. She has a passion for women to become all that God created them to be, and to step out in boldness as powerful women of God. Her practical teaching style will inspire you to not just hear the Word of God, but to DO the Word of God. Jeni Cook-Stivale - Speaker Former Broadway entertainer and singer, Jeni is now in full time ministry with her husband with a passion to bring God into the Arts and to awaken the Body of Christ in the USA, Israel, and around the world to be fully fruitful and fully prepared for what God is doing and about to do on the Earth. Samantha Phillips - Speaker Having survived abuse and domestic violence that resulted in her being a homeless single mother, Samantha will show you that you too can be free from the cycles of abuse & failure in life! God changed her life and took her from cycles of abuse and self-destructive behavior to living a life full of love and success! She is now a powerful international speaker, author and TV host. Melissa Dohme - Speaker In January of 2012, Melissa Dohme’s high school ex-boyfriend brutally attacked her by stabbing her 32 times in the neck, face, arms, and hands in an attempt to take her life. It is a true miracle that she is alive today after flat-lining four times and suffering a stroke from a massive amount of blood loss. Today, she is a strong advocate and speaks out against domestic violence across the country.

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