S.O.W. a seed into their lives. It allows people like you to invest in the lives of  those who are crying out to be released from the bondage of addiction. Your donations give these individuals an opportunity to take the necessary steps toward a changed life. Prodigal Daughters depends on God to meet the spiritual,physical, emotional and material needs of our moms and children.“SAVE OUR WOMEN” from Satan’s grip. SPONSOR A WOMEN TODAY!

Prodigal Daughters Journey Home

Prodigal Daughters Journey Home is an 18-24 month Christ centered residential treatment center, and discipleship ministry. We are a safe haven for women and their children to come who have suffered from the bondage of alcoholism, drug addiction, human trafficking, abuse, or any other life controlling issues. The purpose of this home is to rebuild the foundation of these women's lives through the power of the Holy Spirit. The focus of our treatment is to allow God to renew their minds and restore their lives so they will know His plan for them which is good, pleasing and perfect. The heart of this ministry is to create a family atmosphere where women and their children can receive healing, break free from bondage, mend broken relationships, and fulfill the calling God has on their lives. 

Prodigal Daughters excepts women who are single, pregnant, and with children up to age 12. We do not charge anything for the women and their children to enter into residency here and they do not work while in our program. The focus of the treatment is to get to the root cause of the thinking to see the lie they believe which allows God to remove that and they experience His healing. This not only impacts the mom, but the process allows any generational curses to be broken so that there is healing for themselves, their children and generations thereafter. 

Prodigal Daughters is uniquely centered in a region that the world is looking at because of having one of the highest overdose deaths in the country, highest human trafficking cases, and our community also leads in one of the highest removal of children that has lead into permanent adoption. We are one of the only residential centers and discipleship homes that allow women to have their children with them.  

If the mother's children have been removed from her care we have been approved by the 12th circuit (both in FL courts and in other states outside Florida) to provide anything a woman would need to complete her caseplan to be reunified with her children within our home. 

Women (even with felonies) after being here a year have been awarded scholarships to go back to school. This includes ged/high school, certification programs, and college degrees.

When you SOW into Prodigal Daughters, your donations provide women and their children the opportunity for salvation, baptism, baby dedication, family restoration, freedom and healing from bondage. Your donation provide a place for their children to thrive, learn the gospel, be loved by Christ, and to live in a family atmosphere: some of them for the very first time.  Your giving provides our ladies an opportunity to take the necessary steps toward a changed life. 

Prodigal Daughters depends on God for the community and souls around us to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional and material needs of our Ladies. And your donations have given them hope: in God first and in humanity again as well. Your donations are crucial part for them having the opportunity to see God move to rescue them from their situation. They are able to have a true encounter with Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. We lead in His love, mercy, and grace and we walk along side them as they walk into victory with their children and Jesus hand in hand. 

God has provided this new home and we trust His provisions!

Our prayer is that when they look to our region people see Him!!! His faithfulness! His healing and restoration!



Prodigal Daughters Journey Home Inc
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Ways To Donate:

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