Prodigal Daughters Journey Home
Sarasota, FL

Prodigal Daughters Journey Home is a Christ centered residential home, rehabilitation program, and discipleship ministry. We are a safe haven for women and their children to come who have suffered from the bondage of alcoholism, drug addiction, human trafficking, abuse, or any other life controlling issues. The purpose of this home is to rebuild the foundation of these women's lives through the power of the Holy Spirit. The focus of our treatment is to allow God to renew their minds and restore their lives so they will know His plan for them which is good, pleasing and perfect. The heart of this ministry is to create a family atmosphere where women and their children can receive healing, break free from bondage, mend broken relationships, and fulfill the calling God has on their lives.

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"Sheriff Wells and I are very grateful for organizations like Prodigal Daughters that are working to help those in desperate need.   We can see that your passion is from “above” and know that lives will be changed for the better in our community.  Thank you for being the feet and hands of Christ to those who need help and healing."

-Cpt Todd Shear, Manatee Sheriff's Office

"I remember first meeting Denise and Joe Gattuso a few years ago when they were still planning to open Prodigal Daughters. They were seeking advice from our Loving Hands Founder with open and humble hearts, knowing what God was calling them to. Since they opened their doors, I've seen the work of their hands and the fruit of their labor. It is a blessing to watch broken women come to Prodigal Daughters and be made whole and set on fire for God through the program. I have recommended many people to Prodigal Daughters and will continue to in the future. God bless you."

-Rev. Joe Hamblen (Executive Director of Loving Hands Ministries)

"Prodigal Daughters is strategically placed to meet an overwhelming need in our community. We have one of the highest addiction rates in Manatee county, which Prodigal Daughters is working hard to stop. Not only are they a place for the women who have become trapped to get help, but also their children. Prodigal Daughters allows a mom to not have to choose between getting help and her kids." 

-Pastor Steve Coad- Oasis Church

Living in a community being devastated by substance abuse, it's a breath of fresh air the second you come into contact with anyone at Prodigal Daughters. They will make your day brighter, you will walk taller, and you will feel loved beyond measure. Everyone at Prodigal Daughters know's the importance of a "home" and if you find yourself there for any reason you will experience just that. If you are a mother, or know of a mother who may be struggling, Prodigal Daughters is a great place to start your journey home!

-Michael Dunn, Founder of The Your Life Matters Project

"Prodigal Daughters has always and continues to be a Spirit-filled expression of the mighty works of God available to anyone serious about their lives being foundationally made whole in body, mind and spirit.  The program focus on deep intimacy with Christ and allowing each life to be transformed in the unique processes  God has ordained for them in a structured culture of home atmosphere rich in full redemption, grace, family, devotion and discipline.  This is a rare gem for program opportunities that make room for women and their children to reside together in the manifold healing wonders of God."

-Donna Scott 

Founder of Radiant Forge

G.R.I.P. Ministry has been blessed to Partner and share our faith based parenting program with Prodigal Daughters. "God has blessed this recovery home for women and their children,  the Holy Spirit is present"! I see the fruits in the women and have been honored to watch them grow! Blessed to have a staff resident and the founder of Prodigal Daughters on our team! 

Linda Kelleher/Founder
G.R.I.P. God Raising Incredible Parents

At Sarasota Medical Pregnancy Center, we love knowing Prodigal Daughters is a resource for our mothers who need a caring home environment. They are a wonderful community support organization we are pleased to partner with.

-Bluett Caceres

Sarasota Medical Pregnancy Center